AHEIA hosted the 26th Annual Outdoor Women’s Program (OWP) at our Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre for Excellence from August 7-11, 2019 under cool and misty skies. Regardless of the weather, 145 enthusiastic women and 36 volunteer instructors shared in 32 different outdoor seminars and a variety of informal evening sessions. This year, 57% of the attendees were first-timers and an additional 37% had attend OWP less than 4 times in the past. Women from Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut, California and even Germany were there. It was great to introduce our new attendees to the fantastic variety of outdoor activities on offer.

Since its inception in 1994, just over 3,000 women have attended AHEIA’s annual 4-day event, learning and connecting with Alberta’s wonderful outdoors. The Outdoor Women’s Program encourages women to enjoy the great outdoors by providing opportunities to gain confidence, increase competence, acquire experience and promote personal growth in skills pertaining to the outdoors. This program is not only educational but is an excellent way for women to come together and enjoy each other’s company at AHEIA’s beautiful Alford Lake facility. The days at OWP are jam packed with courses – from fly fishing to archery, canoeing to muzzle loading and crossbows to shotguns. This year, new sessions included sausage making, leather footwear making and skull cleaning. All big hits plus we have some additional new program ideas for next year! OWP has something for every woman to learn and enjoy.

Next year’s Outdoor Women’s Program will be held August 5 – 9, 2020 at the Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre for Excellence

If you ae interested in attending the 27th Annual Outdoor Women’s Program next year, and wish to be placed on the email notification list, please contact AHEIA Calgary at:

info@aheia.com 403-252-8474


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