As a first-time hunter, you are required by law to have passed the Conservation and Hunter Education program first. The age limit for hunting is 10 years old (to hunt birds only) and 12 and older for big game and entering the draw system.

AHEIA offers the Conservation and Hunter Education course at our centers in Calgary and in Edmonton. If you live outside these centers, you can access a list of Hunter Education Instructors who teach in your area under “Instructor Lists and Resources”.  The available Instructors are listed either alphabetically by the city or town they teach out of or by their last name.

Another alternative is to take the program online from your own home. Our Online Conservation and Hunter Education program can be accessed via our website  Click on “Programs & Courses” then “Online Training”. The online course may be completed from a computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet. The program can be purchased with the manual (which is shipped via Canada Post) or without a manual.  Before you start, however, you will need to create a username and password. Once you have registered you can then begin the online program.  The final exam is done online as well. This course is a Provincial requirement for all first-time hunters in Alberta and, as such, complete certification is required with an 80% pass mark on the timed (90 minutes) final exam.

Once the final exam is passed, students should wait one business day and contact AHEIA’s Edmonton office (1-866-282-4342) and they will be issued a 5-digit code that the student can enter into their WIN card account to update their Hunter Education Certification.  Be sure to fill in section D-1 & D-2 (Eligibility to Hunt) initializing that you have successfully completed the Conservation Hunter Education course. If students do not have a WIN card or their WIN card has expired, they will need to purchase one.  Hard copy certificates, with the same corresponding 5-digit code, will be issued by AHEIA via mail upon successful completion of the program (approximately 2 weeks).


Blank numbered tags/wires are available from vendors for hunters to enter the tag numbers when purchasing a select species of animal online.  The number you enter for the species MUST match the tag number.  The tag numbers entered are only valid for the current hunting season purchased and cannot be used the following year.


Consult the current Alberta Hunting Regulations for planning your hunt, reviewing the current regulation changes and licence costs.  Regulations are available at no charge from the licence vendor or visit and click on hunting regulations.


Online Hunter Education Certification

This comprehensive, easy to use online hunter education program covers the following important hunting topics:

Module 1 –   Role of the Hunter

Module 2 –   Hunting Ethics

Module 3 –   Wildlife Management & Conservation

Module 4 –   Wildlife Identification

Module 5 –   Clothing & Equipment

Module 6 –   Firearms

Module 7 –   Bow Hunting

Module 8 –   Survival

Module 9 –   Field Techniques

Module 10 – First Aid

Module 11 – Hypothermia

Module 12 – Legal Responsibilities

Module 13 – Physical Fitness

Final Exam

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