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Affordable Access to Justice for Firearm Owners

Brian Lovig jokes that he’s always been unemployable. That’s proven to be a good thing, as he has enjoyed considerable success in the fast-paced business world of an entrepreneur. A licensed auctioneer, Brian pioneered real estate auctions in Canada. The list of private and publicly traded companies he founded is long. The broad range of his business ventures is even longer. Looking back, there have been plenty of ups and downs over his lengthy career, but he has become quite adept at landing on his feet.

Growing up on John Wayne movies and Louis L’Amour western novels, Brian has long been an enthusiastic gun owner and recreational marksman. He’s built up quite the collection of firearms over the years, from derringer pistols to a Civil War cannon. He is an active supporter of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and regularly attends gun shows around North America. Brian is well known within the shooting community as an outspoken advocate for firearm owner rights via his daily webcasts on

Start-up ventures have accounted for a big part of Grant Lovig’s business career. He’s best known for running Canada’s most successful cookbook publishing company, Company’s Coming Publishing Limited. Co-founded with his (and Brian’s) mother, Jean Paré, sales of the family-owned company topped 30 million cookbooks over 30 years. That’s equivalent to more than 2 cookbooks for every home in Canada! The mother and son team hung up their aprons in 2010 with the sale of the company.

In a 2012 telephone conversation, Grant listened while his brother Brian commented about gun owners not having the same sort of legal protection as directors and officers of a company. Specifically, no form of legal expense insurance existed for gun owners to protect them if they felt they were unjustly charged with a firearm offence.

Sensing an opportunity, the two brothers quickly resolved to start an insurance service specifically for the purpose of helping gun owners protect their rights.

The two brothers became the driving force behind Firearm Legal Defence, an online specialty insurance service that provides legal expense insurance for firearm owners. The first of its kind in North America, Firearm Legal Defence covers legal expenses for licensed firearm owners facing charges under Canada’s Firearms Act, typically relating to the storage, transportation and handling of firearms.

Both successful in their own right, this marks the first time the Alberta-born siblings have partnered on a business venture.

According to Grant, Firearm Legal Defence is all about rights:

“As law-abiding Canadian citizens, we can choose to own a firearm, or not.” said Grant, “The reason we created Firearm Legal Defence is to provide affordable access to justice for licensed firearm owners who find themselves facing charges relating to a firearm. Without insurance, the reality is that people sometimes can’t afford to defend themselves, so they effectively forfeit their right to justice.”

Brian added “Gun owners across Canada have been able to protect their rights in court with Firearm Legal Defence at their side. Many more have benefitted from free legal advice through our toll-free Legal Advice Helpline. I’m frequently approached by policyholders who thank us for protecting them from unwarranted prosecution.”

Firearm Legal Defence insurance is available only in Canada, and only to holders of a valid Canadian firearm license. To learn more, visit

How Firearm Legal Defence Works

We pay legal fees, court costs and time off work to attend court; up to $250,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 total per policy year. Plus get unlimited legal advice through our toll-free Legal Advice Helpline.

What is the price for peace of mind? Just $95 per year. AHEIA members save $10 on the first year.

Visit, click on “Buy Now” and enter the exclusive club code AHEIA101 to access your savings.


Firearm Legal Defence has introduced some new options that can be added to new policies or when you renew. Many of our clients have been asking for these and we’ve heard you!

Firearm Legal Defence Plus ($195/year total)

Increase your per-claim limit to $1,000,000.

Family Coverage (+$40/year)

Extend your coverage to your spouse and all dependent children living at home under the age of 25 (all participating family members must have their PAL). This is not a per-person amount! $40 covers everyone.


Personal Injury

If you’re injured by someone else using a firearm or bow, we’ll provide you access to a lawyer and cover legal costs.

Extension to Bows

Your coverage now extends to bows, including crossbows, recurve, compound and longbows.

You are not required to disclose any information about firearms in your possession.

Firearm Legal Defence insurance covers:

  • Defence from prosecution should you be charged with an offence arising out of the use, storage, display, transportation or handling of a firearm;
  • Cases where a firearm is used in self defence, the defence of a person under your protection or the defence of your property;
  • Appealing an event where a licensing, regulatory or judicial authority refuses to renew, suspends, revokes, cancels or alters the terms of your firearms license. Note that this provision does not apply to new license applications.

Firearm Legal Defence pays for:

  • The cost of retaining a lawyer or other appointed representative, including court fees, experts’ fees, police reports and medical reports;
  • Costs awarded by the court to opponents in civil cases if the insured person has been ordered to pay them, or pays them with the agreement of the insurance company;
  • Lost salary or wages for the time the insured is off work to attend court or any other hearing at the request of the appointed representative, up to a maximum of $500 per day and $10,000 in total.

Before you pull the trigger, protect yourself. Visit

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