To: A.H.E.I.A.

Our family is still raving about the day at Alford Lake! Well done!

We would like to thank you for your efforts at the Provincial Hunting Day Event at Alford Lake on September 28th. We are glad we made the trip from Calgary. So worth it! Our family had a fantastic time learning about and using firearms. Our boys (9 and 7 years old) fired a rifle and shotgun for the very first time and loved it!

Imagine our surprise when our kids sat through the entire presentation on trapping, which speaks to the quality of the message and content. In general, at the event our kids and us parents learned about our rich Provincial Heritage and the value of listening with an open mind. Amazing!

We appreciate the time and talents of everyone who volunteered, and lunch was awesome!!

Kind regards, the Berg Family (Terri, Darren, Edwin and Simon)

On September 13, 2007, Ted Morton, the then Alberta Minister of Sustainable Resource Development, announced the formation of the first Provincial Hunting Day. The goal was to promote hunting and hunter awareness and educate Albertans about the important role hunting plays in wildlife management and conservation.

The fourth Saturday of every September has become a special date within Alberta. The Alberta Government declared this day each year to be Provincial Hunting Day with the first annual event being held in 2007. This year’s event took place on September 28, 2019 at our Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre for Excellence. It marked the twelfth annual event and is a reminder to all Albertans of our hunting heritage, and of the importance of securing a future for wildlife and wild places, especially within our province.

The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association and Hunting for Tomorrow offered daylong events for those who wanted to explore the outdoors and expand their shooting and hunting knowledge on Provincial Hunting Day.

Most sessions are hands on and provide the opportunity to “learn by doing”. Our volunteers and staff provided expert instruction making for a safe, fun and educational day. This event is completely free and is fun for the whole family!

Response for this event has always been very strong. This year we had over 100 participants registered to attend with 33 volunteers and 3 staff members lending a hand. I would like to thank all those who helped make this event a huge success. Without your selfless dedication we would be hard pressed to deliver the quality programming that we have become known for.

This year the sessions we offered were rimfire rifle shooting, centerfire rifle shooting, crossbow basics, introduction to shotgun shooting, archery basics, an introduction to trapping, black powder shooting and making moose calls.

Even the most carefully prepared plans can go wrong. This all came into focus as the event approached. Mother Nature decided to become part of the event and she anointed us with some typical Alberta weather. A storm front moved in with snow flurries, a drop-in temperature and blowing wind. There were winter advisory reports and predictions of poor road conditions. I thought that we were in trouble, but no. There were 43 participants who braved everything to attend. It seemed that Mother Nature was impressed by the dedication of the attendees and volunteers, so she backed off on the weather. The snow stopped and the wind died off, but it was still cool.

Those that made it out had a great time and enjoyed the complimentary lunch. Especially the hot beverages. Thanks to all of you!

Mark your calendars for Alberta’s next Provincial Hunting Day on September 26, 2020. We hope to see you at our event.


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