As we head into fall the CFSC program continues to move along without any program changes. Student numbers continue to rise with 16,042 students completing the program as of August 2019. Of note is the number of students taking the restricted firearms course, numbering 5,505 which is a marked increase from this time last year.

Course reports continue to be an issue, and a reminder to instructors that they cannot be processed if not filled in correctly. That would include; test scores written and practical, course hours (Non-Restricted – 8 hours, Restricted – either 4 or 6 hours) and signatures of students and instructor. Also please ensure that all copies of the course report are legible. Several have been sent in and the student section is blank. An incomplete course report will not be processed by Miramichi, and will delay a student’s application for a PAL.

As we are all too aware, Bill C-71 has passed, although at this time the majority of the new regulations have yet to be enacted. In conversations with the CFO office we may not see these changes enacted until early 2020. Given we also have a fall Federal Election pending it is anyone’s guess as when, or if, the new regulations will be enacted.

Also of note the Alberta CFO office is undergoing staffing changes which may cause some delays in the processing of PAL applications and renewals. Please be patient, and give their new team a chance to settle in.

In closing, have a good fall and whether you enjoy hunting or target sports be safe and continue to mentor and encourage new people into the shooting sports.


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