The CFSC continues to roll along without any upcoming changes that we are aware of. At the time of this writing Bill C-71 is still in review by the Senate. On February 15 the Senate Hearing Committee heard from some 21 witness both for and against the Bill C-71 as it was presented.

By all appearances, should Bill C-71 pass in its present format, or with amendments, there would be little to no effect on the CFSC. However, the application process for a Possession and Acquisition Licence as well as the sale and purchase of firearms would be affected.

Given the media attention over the past year revolving around Bill C-71 and the discussions on the proposed ban on handguns and assault rifles in Canada, as CFSC instructors or proctors you may be asked by your students about your views and opinions. Please remember, in the instructional setting we are only to present the program as it is laid out and not offer our personal views on the program or any proposals that may profiled in the media. Outside of the instructional setting would be the appropriate time to have such discussions, as we all have our own unique views regarding firearms ownership in Canada.

On the lighter side, please don’t be this guy:

Published: Feb 19th, 2019 – 7:41pm (EST)Updated: Feb 19th, 2019 – 7:43pm (EST)

BERLIN (AP) — A German court has ruled that a dog owner isn’t fit to carry a firearms licence after his dog shot him with a rifle.

The Munich administrative court on Tuesday dismissed the man’s appeal against an earlier decision by Bavarian authorities to withdraw his licence to own a rifle, as well as his hunting permit.

The decision followed a 2016 incident in which the man, a passionate hunter, was shot in the arm after his dog managed to release the trigger on a loaded rifle that was lying in his car.

The court ruled the hunter couldn’t be relied upon “because it must be assumed that he will handle firearms and ammunition carelessly in future as well.”

The man, whose name wasn’t released, can appeal the verdict.

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In closing off my report for the spring of 2019, all the best for the upcoming summer and many thanks to our instructors, proctors and volunteers who make our programs possible. Have a good summer and, if you have the opportunity, introduce a newcomer to the outdoors whether it be fishing, the shooting sports or any other wilderness activity as the rewards for both you, and the newcomer, are endless.

As always, should you have any comments or concerns do not hesitate to contact me at the Calgary office, or by email .


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