Who would have thought that such a small thing could impact us in the ways it has?

The Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Show is one of the largest outdoor themed shows of its kind in Canada and AHEIA always has a big presence during this event.

This year the event was scheduled to run from March 12-15. Prior to the show itself, there is a huge endeavour of coordinating everything and preparing for the move-in. The move-in started on March 10 and ran right up until the start of the show. We were also running the largest NASP Provincial Tournament to date at the same time.  Add on a 3D archery tournament, as well, and we were going to be extremely busy. Just the way we like it!

Then it happened. Everyone who has not been ‘living under a rock’ already had become aware of the Coronavirus. I feel most people were not taking it too seriously during the early stages in Alberta.

The show started at noon on Thursday, March 12 and AHEIA had already set up the numerous protocols that were being recommended by Health Canada at the time, so I felt we were in good shape going forward. At the time there was a bit of chatter about COVID-19. Then at about 4:00 pm the chatter intensified dramatically and at 6:00 pm the show was shut down and everyone was directed to move out.  Six hours and we were done. Very disappointing indeed but understandable.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the set-up and teardown as well as manning all the various stations. You are real troopers.

Looking forward to a better outcome moving forward with fun and games at the 2021 Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Show. See you there.

All things being equal, as we move forward there are a couple of upcoming events to tempt you with.

Our 2020 Youth Hunter Education Camps run July 5-10, July 12-18, July 19-24 and July 26-31. The 2020 Outdoor Youth Seminar is set for August 21-23. For more information contact or download the registration/information package on our new and improved website

Please mark June 4, 2020, on your calendars. We will be holding our seventh annual Spring Fling Banquet in Edmonton at the Silvermoon Banquets on that day. Same great location as in previous years. For more information please contact me directly at We are already working diligently to make the 2020 event another great affair. Tickets are now available through our Edmonton office. Hope to see you there!

We continue to look for volunteer support for all of our courses, camps, events, etc. as well as with our day-to-day office workings. If you, or any of our friends, wish to become part of something greater please let me know. Giving back has great personal rewards. It really does make one feel great when they volunteer. At the end of the day the more help we get the better for all involved.

Spring is almost here and a number of your thoughts probably turn to spring black bear hunting. Baiting black bears tends to be a lot of work but the effort and rewards make it well worthwhile. It is very enjoyable watching bears come into your site. I have learned a lot about their habits which has made me into a more successful hunter. I have written a few articles on the subject over the years. Check out our 2016 Spring Conservation Education Magazine for ‘Spring Black Bear Hunting’ and our 2018 Spring Edition contains ‘Black Bear Tips’. Back issues of our magazine can be located on our website. I hope you have as much fun chasing bears as I have over the last 40 years or so.

Take care and enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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