As we approach summer the CFSC program continues to move along without any changes. During the first four months of 2019 just under 9,000 students completed training. This number is on par with the 2018 figures so this year we should match 2018 numbers.

As far as instructors, please remember to review your course reports prior to mailing. Also, the yellow Course Report sheet is “not” a sign a sheet. If you pass the yellow sheet to students to fill in you are releasing not only student’s names, but also dates of birth to other students. This could be viewed as a violation under the Freedom of Information Act.

Also, remember to be a CFSC / CRFSC instructor you must be active in delivering programs. When we met with the CFO in the summer of 2016 for the rollout of the new program it was mentioned instructors need at least one course a year as a minimum requirement to keep certified. I know that was three years ago, however, for those who are not active please don’t be surprised if you receive a letter from the CFO reminding you of your commitment to the program.

At the time of this writing Bill C-71 still has not passed the Third Reading in Senate. Given the summer recess for Parliament is nearing we may have to wait until the fall seating for this to be concluded.

Minister Blaire’s “Engagement Summary Report –Reducing violent crime: a dialogue on handguns and assault style weapons “ has been completed. I’m sure it is no surprise to any of our members that the banning of certain types of firearms was a low priority for those interviewed. Respectfully, banning handguns was 6% and assault-style firearms was 13%. The higher priority issues were increased enforcement to target criminals and to ensure stricter consequences for illegal possession and use of firearms. A complete copy of this report may be found on the Government of Canada Public Safety Web site.

An A-salt rifle may lead to high blood pressure and/or excessive thirst.

On a side note, a big thanks to those members who completed the Ranger Office workshop and Shotgun Coaching workshop April 27 and 28th. The weekend was held at Alford Lake and, in typical Alberta spring fashion, it was a lovely winter weekend. I left my cabin Sunday morning to be greeted by sunshine and 30cm of fresh snow. Only in Alberta! Thank goodness for plow trucks and shovels.


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