As we are now into our winter season, and nearing the end of yet another year, the Canadian Firearms Program continues to be a successful educational tool. A large part of this success can be attributed to the instructors throughout the Province who deliver a quality program to their students.

As you are aware, audits of the CFSC / CRFSC are conducted throughout the year on all courses. Audits may be conducted by telephone with students or a physical audit with a member of our delivery staff in attendance at your course. The purpose of these audits is to ensure the students receive consistent training thought the province and that our CFSC / CRFSC instructors maintain the standards as set out in the 2016 ”Instructor Requirement and Code of Conduct”.

In the fall issue of our Conservation Education magazine changes to our service fees were noted. For the CFSC / CRFSC, a rental fee of $15.00 is now in place for a deactivated firearms kit There is now also a refundable $50.00 deposit required on these kits.

In other news, Dan Magotiaux, the Alberta Chief Firearms Officer, has now retired. We wish Dan all the best in his retirement. Welcome to Dale Baumgartner who has assumed the position of Acting Chief Firearms Office for Alberta.

As far as any changes to the CFSC / CRFSC brought about by Bill C-71 or the fall election, the CFO’s office does not foresee any changes until, possibly, spring of 2020. In the meantime, as instructors please avoid falling into the “what if” conversations during classes.

Once again, a thank you to our instructors, proctors and volunteers. Take time in the upcoming holiday season to spend time with loved ones and friends and continue to ensure our mission statement, “To make wildlife and fish part of the value system of every Albertan”, truly reaches every Albertan.

“All I want for Christmas”


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