Choosing the perfect big game hunting knife (for you)

If you go to the big box stores or look at knife catalogs, you could develop the belief that a big game hunter requires a…
Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Firearms Education Report

As we move into a new year with spring on the way, as firearms instructors we are still in waiting mode on any proposed changes…

Fall 2019 Firearms Education Report

As we head into fall the CFSC program continues to move along without any program changes. Student numbers continue to rise with 16,042 students completing…
Fall 2020
Following the Rules of the Water
Fall 2020
Presidents Message – Can We Find Encouragement in These Troubled Times?
The Joys and Benefits of Mentoring
Fall 2020
Dabbling in the Magnificent World of Hunting
Buying Your First Hunting Rifle
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