Fall 2020

2020 Alberta Provincial Hunting Day & Youth/Novice Shoot

The fourth Saturday of September has been known as Provincial Hunting Day in Alberta since 2007. This day is a reminder to all Albertans of…

Fall 2019 Report from Edmonton

By the time you read this our Youth Hunter Education Camps, the Outdoor Youth Seminar and the Provincial Hunting Day events will be in the…
Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Report From Edmonton

COVID-19. Who would have thought that such a small thing could impact us in the ways it has? The Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Show is…
2019 Spring Fling Fundraising Banquet
How to Sight-In a Rifle
Summer 2019 President Message
2019 Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Show
Affordable Access to Justice for Firearm Owners
Spring 2020
Spring 2020 Firearms Education Report