Fall 2020

Firearms Education Report

As we wind our way into fall the CFSC/CRFSC program continues to train students in ever in- creasing numbers. In conversations with our instructors, most…

Affordable Access to Justice for Firearm Owners

Firearm Legal Defence Affordable Access to Justice for Firearm Owners Brian Lovig jokes that he’s always been unemployable. That’s proven to be a good thing,…

2019 Glock Days Charity Event in Support of AHEIA

Over the weekend of March 30th and 31st, the Calgary Shooting Centre hosted their annual Glock Days Charity Event at which customers had the opportunity…
Fall 2020
Following the Rules of the Water
2019 Outdoor Youth Seminar
Summer 2019 Report from Edmonton
Summer 2020
Trail Cameras for Beginners
Fall 2020
First Time Hunter Education Certificate Requirements
Fall 2020
AHEIA’s Annual Teacher Workshop Instructor Course